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Space/Gap Closure

Fill Spaces Between Your Teeth With Cosmetic Dentistry in Calgary

There are many people with teeth that are smaller in comparison to the spaces they take up. This leads to hideous gaps and spaces between the teeth. The situation is more common on the upper teeth and is generally more visible when on the 6 to 8 front teeth. If you have this problem, the advanced and trusted dental clinic in Calgary, MS Galiza Dental Clinic will not disappoint you. We offer cosmetic dentistry to address the spacing issues and tooth gaps.

Why Should Dental Gaps Be Addressed?

The gap between your teeth can lead to self-consciousness, affecting the appearance of your smile. This may cause awkward social situations as you may be reticent to smile, speak, or laugh. In addition to affecting the appearance of your smile, tooth gaps can lead to dental misalignment. A major gap between your teeth can cause teeth grinding as the teeth cannot find a proper resting position. Over time this may lead to significant tooth damage.

Our Solutions

Minor tooth gaps can be fixed with dental bonding. The technique uses a tooth-coloured resin that is painted onto the tooth to build out tooth structure and fill the gap. But if you have major gaps between your teeth, it is best to consider orthodontic treatment. Braces or Invisalign aligners can help shift the position of misaligned teeth. They are used to close gaps and help in addressing issues such as crowding and asymmetry as well. 

The dentists at MS Galiza Dental Clinic are the right people to guide you through the ideal orthodontic approach based on your age, the severity of your spacing issues, and other factors. Get in touch with us today!

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Do You Have Gaps Between Your Teeth?

It will not be a problem anymore with the high-quality services offered at MS Galiza Dental Clinic.

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