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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Calgary

The last teeth in the mouth are known as wisdom teeth or third molars. They are completely formed at approximately 17 to 19 years of age. As wisdom teeth develop, they attempt to erupt into the oral cavity by the late teens or early twenties. Although many individuals live healthy lives with these molars in place, often these teeth become trapped beneath the gum line and behind the second molars because of the lack of space in the dental arch to allow them to erupt normally. When third molars do not erupt or are “locked” in the bone, they are referred to as “impacted.”

If you have wisdom teeth that are causing you trouble, it’s time to act. Consult MS Galiza Dental Clinic in Calgary today to get premier care and wisdom teeth removal to maximize your dental health.

Signs of an Impacted Wisdom Tooth

The lack of eruption or partial eruption can cause these molars to produce various symptoms and issues that may require surgical attention. These include:


  • Pain and tenderness, especially when eating or when feeling the affected area with the tongue

  • An unpleasant taste and odour in the back of the mouth

  • Difficulty chewing food

  • Difficulty opening and closing the mouth

  • Swollen gum tissue

Schedule a consultation today to know more about treatments for impacted wisdom teeth.

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Wisdom Tooth Giving You Trouble?

We can deal with any kind of impacted wisdom tooth and provide you with relief from pain.

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