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Orthodontic Services for Calgary, Courtesy of MS Galiza Dental Clinic

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that uses various appliances to deal with misaligned teeth, jaws or bite patterns. It is not restricted to braces and retainers but goes beyond that. Many people grind their teeth unknowingly when they are sleeping. This can lead to permanent enamel loss. We prescribe mouth guards to such patients to prevent long-term damage. Similarly, we can prepare other customized dental appliances for our patients to make sure that their oral health remains in good shape. To learn more about our orthodontic service, call us or visit our clinic.


Braces are the most commonly used orthodontic treatment in Calgary and elsewhere. If you are not happy with the way your teeth look, and have symptoms such as crooked, overcrowded, under or overbite, open bite or protruding teeth, orthodontic treatment may help. Using braces (Fastbraces®), retainers, or other devices to apply pressure over a period of months or years, your teeth can be moved into the desired position.

If you think you or your child could benefit from orthodontics, please call us at 403-207-1165.

Special dental appliances can prove to be extremely beneficial for various dental concerns. Overnight grinding, a sudden sports trauma and other activities can lead to permanent enamel loss or tooth damage. With specialized dental appliances like a mouth guard and sports guard, you can save yourself from significant teeth and jaw damage. Whether you are looking for guards, retainers or more, we will provide you with everything that you need.

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