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Professional Dental Filling Services in Calgary

Dental filling is one of the most common and important restorative dentistry services that we offer at MS Galiza Dental Clinic. Instead of replacing the entire tooth, we focus on filling in the damaged tooth structure. Teeth filling does not involve removing the actual tooth but only the damaged part of it. Decay can make the affected tooth hollow, leaving the roots exposed to bacteria. It needs to be taken care of immediately to stop further attacks of bacteria and salvage your natural tooth. You may require dental fillings due to other reasons as well. Nail-biting and teeth grinding can chip or crack the tooth. In such cases as well, a dental filling is essential to stop further damage. At our clinic in Calgary, we will fill any gaps in your tooth and restore it to health. 

When it comes to oral health, you should not think twice before consulting a doctor.Call us to book an appointment.

Why Should You Consider Dental Fillings for Children?

One of the most common reasons why someone will need a dental filling is a cavity. While adults tend to move quickly when it comes to treating their cavities, they are laid back when it comes to dental fillings for their kids. It is a misconception that child’s teeth are temporary, and thus, dental fillings are not required. If cavities are not treated on time, they can reach the root of the teeth and spread further. Even if the tooth is temporary, the damage, particularly to the gums and root, could be permanent. Therefore, you should consider dental fillings if your child has a cavity. Book a consultation and get your child’s teeth evaluated by our professionals today.

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Does It Hurt When You Bite?

Get your teeth fixed by availing our dental filling service.

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